*** Local Caption *** Scenekunstbrukets festival Showbox i 2018 på Black Box i Oslo. Medskapende dansere: Abir Alyousofi, Milkias Alem, Bao André Nguyen Lysdesign: Olav Nordhagen Lyddesign: Thorleif Silkebækken Filmmaker: Mathias Eek / Sylskarp Ide/konsept/regi: Therese Slob

The Cultural Schoolbag

The Cultural Schoolbag (TCS) is a national programme designed to ensure that all school pupils in Norway experience professional art and culture of all kinds. The Cultural Schoolbag is a collaborative project between the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Education and Research. In 2016 Kulturtanken (previously Concerts Norway) was given national responsibility for the scheme.