Artisten Aiba står på scenen foran publikum som holder hendene i været.
Aiba på DKS-festival i Tønsberg.

For artists and performers

Professional artists, performers, producers and promoters of art and culture can present proposals for The Cultural Schoolbag.

Proposals are submitted in the DKS portal. The portal opens on 15 August for submitting proposals for the following school year. Registration deadline is 1 October at 23.59.

About programme proposals

The proposals received are assessed and considered for inclusion in the DKS programme. Producers and programmers in the counties and/or municipalities determine the final programme in partnership with local panels of experts.

A programme proposal can be a new idea or, alternatively, a production that has already been produced and included in DKS elsewhere in the country.

In addition to a description of the proposal, you will be asked to designate the grade level you consider most suitable for the proposal, as well as the most relevant discipline(s). You can also define the proposal with sub-categories and display type. These help the DKS administrative organizations identify your proposal in programming work. If the proposal is included in the programme, the target group, disciplines and sub-categories may be adjusted.

If one or more DKS administrative organizations are interested in your proposal, they will contact you via the message system in the portal. You will be notified via the e-mail address registered to you. You will also be able to follow the status of your submitted proposal by logging into the portal.

Expected completed processing of proposals for the school year will be in the period January – March. Then you will also be able to see the final status of your submitted proposal in the portal.

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